In The Atlantic this month there is an article about someone who is just so frustrated about learning French.
Here is an excerpt:

But what if you never learn the language? I don’t mean what if you never decide to learn, but what if expend a great amount of effort and learn nothing. …

The hardest thing about learning a language is that, at its core, it is black magic. No one can tell you when, where or how you will crossover–some people will even tell you that no such crossover exists. The only answer is to put one foot in front of the other, to keep walking, to understand that the way is up. The only answer is a resource which many of us have long ago discarded. C’est à dire, faith.

I know what the author means about French. I have spent so long learning it myself, and still….
Spanish, on the other hand is just soooooo much easier. I can’t believe how quickly I nailed that, and yet French remains so elusive. I have learned to live with my limitations and simply accept that I will never be really fluent.
What’s your view?