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Michele Bondesan - The Euroglot

First of all, apologies for not posting anything for a whole month. Let’s get back to my story now.

I think Coimbra was the city I was most curious about, mainly because of its role as “cultural capital” of Portugal. Coimbra’s university is the oldest in the country, which makes this small city the most requested destination for foreign students. As a result of this, a big part of Coimbra’s population is formed by students from Brazil and other former Portuguese colonies. Therefore, the closer you move to the university, the bigger chances you have to hear a mix of European and Brazilian Portuguese.

February is an ideal time to visit Coimbra, as there are almost no tourists, especially in comparison with Lisbon. The weather was very warm and sunny during the day and half I spent there, so I can certainly say this was the most enjoyable part of…

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