Arabic Language Learning Software Reviews

Ruth asks…

learning a new language: pimsleur approach vs. rosetta stone?

both cost about the same amount of about under $300 for the full courses. What have you tried? Which is best? I want to learn Arabic. Should I go for Egyptian Arabic or Eastern Arabic? What’s the difference?

Sandra asks…

Is Rosetta Stone Arabic Worth it? Have you tried it?

Is it worth it? Whats your experience. I want to learn it in light of recent events.

Robert asks…

language learning program?

i wanna learn arabic or kurdish(but i dont think there are any programs for kurdish) so if anyone know any good programs to learn these languages ill appreciate it. Also i looked into Rosetta stone but i heard it wasnt so great.

anita answers:

I tried rosetta for Spanish. It does not have any translation, grammar or conjugation instructions so it will be very hard to go beyond the basics with it. It is good for the basics as it is

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