At our Best Spanish Learning Software webpage, we help you choose from among Rosetta Stone, Fluenz, Rocket Spanish and others to see what is best for your needs.

Some of the programs, for example, focus on spoken Spanish more than written Spanish.

If you do want to learn conversational Spanish, here are some interesting facts:

The Spaniards have an alarmingly rich vocabulary of swear words and vulgarities – ranging from one-word cusses to full-sentence chants like ‘me cago en todo lo que se menea!‘. When speaking to a typical Spanish man, it’s almost strange not to hear a full sentence with anything erm… crude. Mind you, I adore the Spanish language: combined with expressive hand gestures, it’s full of vigor, passion and emotions. The Spaniards for one, have always captivated my heart with their sultry linguistic demeanours.



Very interesting, and funny.